Neoganda has built relationships with global agencies of record, working on some of the world's biggest brands including Nissan, Volkswagen and T-Mobile. We partnered with Saatchi & Saatchi on a number of Toyota's digital campaigns that included some of the most groundbreaking ads the brand had ever seen. We would be thrilled to act as a trusted extension of your agency or marketing team.

For the Toyota Corolla "Beat The Pump MPG" campaign, Neoganda created a first person boxing game complete with sound effects and fully realized 3D opponents: those pesky gas pumps. Reminiscent of the old “Punch Out” arcade game, players faced off against an old-fashioned, a 70s, and a modern-day pump, the difficulty increasing as they progressed through multiple levels. Once complete, players could learn more and create a fully customized version of the car they could take to the dealership.

The Beginning, the Middle and the End

For the Toyota Tundra, Neoganda was tasked with creating a digital campaign that conveyed the truck's power, agility and cargo capacity. We wrote the copy, storyboarded the concepts and helped Saatchi sell it through to the client. We then built out the entire campaign, including immersive 3D rich media banners that showed exactly the weight the Tundra’s cargo bay could take.

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