Rough Night

The summer's edgiest R-rated comedy follows the misadventures of five best college friends reunited after ten years for a bachelorette weekend that goes far, far off the rails. For the film Elle called "funnier than Bridesmaids," Neoganda devised a social and online media campaign that celebrated the award-winning female cast and irreverent humor.

Our goal was to provide female millennials a variety of highly relatable engagement opportunities on all social platforms. Rather than giving away the jokes from the film, we created original content that spoke to fans in their own language — the language of culture and social media — inspiring them to share within the context of their own "big night" narratives. On Snapchat, fans took the quiz "Which party girl are you?", and shared fun and flirty selfies via geofilters exclusive to the Coachella music festival and select theaters.

For the online and mobile media campaign, we focused on a "girls' night out" theme. Taking over the home page, we invited moviegoers to choose their ideal night out; each option triggering a custom video and skin.

The target audience connected with the cultural references and humor in our campaign, resulting in a groundswell of likes, shares and buzz.

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