The third film adaptation of Dan Brown’s iconic book series follows Harvard symbologist Robert Langdon on a race to follow a set of clues based on Dante’s Inferno in order to prevent the release of a madman’s vision of hell: a plague that would obliterate mankind.

Starring Tom Hanks and Felicity Jones, the film boasted international star power as well as a built-in audience of fans of the bestselling book. As the second film was released seven years prior, our goal was to convey the action and intrigue to new audiences while reminding current fans of their love of the franchise.

Throughout the course of the campaign, we produced social content that showcased the action, the stunning visuals, and hidden symbols via darkly compelling custom motion graphics and video edits. In the weeks leading up to release, the multi-phased online media push featured three different key art looks that evolved over time.

A separate mini-campaign drove participation in the online scavenger hunt Journey Through Hell, a partnership with Google. Because the promotion took place over three weeks, our goal was to remind fans they needed to complete all the challenges in order be eligible to win a trip to Italy. We accomplished this via a stream of challenge-based social content complemented by banners and targeted emails.

Robert Langdon came through yet again for humankind, and the film was a global success earning over $220 million worldwide.

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